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Catalina Willis, an amazing young artist, has written and illustrated a stunning book for Horatio’s Garden. Called H for Horatio’s Garden the book is a whimsical romp around the 26 letters of the English alphabet, through Catalina’s eyes. It is beautifully illustrated, emotional, funny and enchanting.

Catalina is 15 and the god-daughter of Olivia. She has many treasured memories of Horatio. Catalina said "I loved putting the book together, partly because I love drawing silly animals but mainly because I really believed it could help Horatio's charity. I tried to do it so that anyone of any age could find something they like. It means a lot to me that people seem to like my drawings, but it means much, much more that the book helps people remember Horatio and raises some funds for his charity."

The book publishing has been donated so all proceeds of the sales go directly to Horatio’s Garden.